Current Summer ’18 Clothing Favorites (high end)

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog, good to have y’all here. Today we’ll be diving into my favorite high end clothes. Most of which I don’t own but wish I did. And without further ado, let’s get into it.

-note: I don’t provide pictures because I’m really not tryna get into any copyright problems but I do link all the items to their websites where y’all can see them. Sorry for the hassle.

#1 Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers

You’ve probably seen these sneakers everywhere by now. But, since I’m slightly late to the whole blogging trend, I’m introducing these to you guys again. These sneakers are probably the loves of my life. I don’t own them at the moment but you can be damned sure that I’ll be buying them in the near future. They’re basic white sneakers with the classic Gucci red and green stripes on the side but these sneakers just SCREAM classy and expensive. Well, to me of course. They pair well with almost any outfit and most successful beauty and fashion gurus own a pair. Honestly just goals.

#2 Gucci Aviator Metal Sunglasses

I actually own these sunnies and what can I say… absolutely wonderful. They have your typical aviator look with the timeless Gucci red and green. I’ve gotten tons of compliments from wearing these sunglasses and I am 100% in love. These sunglasses are my first pair of designer and high end glasses and I 10/10 support my decision of buying them. I highkey recommend.

#3 Balenciaga Wreath Logo Hoodie

Now, if you like to keep up with current social media and youtube and memes and all that. You’ll know the Beverley Hills brat that appeared on Dr. Phil because she got her allowance lowered. After seeing her on the show, I researched (stalked) a little bit and found her Youtube channel! Looking through her videos, there was one where she talked about this hoodie and wow. I love this hoodie too. Its big, black and just your average, comfy hoodie. Except for the fact that it’s $850. I’ve tried on this hoodie at Nordstrom and wow it is comfortable. Too bad I currently don’t own it because it is slightly over my budget. (slightly as in a couple hundred dollars).

#4 Off-White Quotes Crop Hoodie

Off-White, the classic hypebeast brand. Love it or hate it you’ve got to admit that it’s somewhat unique. Streetwear + high end and you get brands like off-white and supreme. Ahhh such classics. I love this hoodie, even though it just says “hoodie” on it. Now I’m not much of a fashion expert and I wouldn’t say I understand fashion very well either. But I really do think that this hoodie is nice. The words are different. “Hoodie” on a hoodie. Very clever, almost Forever 21. But you know the drill, gotta stay with the trends and this is one trend that I do like very much.

#5 Vetements Oversize Logo Hoodie

I only recently heard of Vetements but it’s a really great brand. Their clothes are top notch quality and their designs are very unique. This hoodie in particular has huge sleeves. Now normally I wouldn’t like sleeves that big but for some reason it just works for Vetements. This is a 10/10 would recommend and purchase if I could afford it.

***Ok I just realized that I linked three hoodies in this blog post… that’s supposed to be about summer. I’m sorry. I just really love hoodies and I wear them 24/7. I will be coming up with a blog post that’s not all hoodies soon!

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